😊 No Limits- Strictly catch and release

😊 Fun- From the mouth's of our anglers this is the most        fun they have had tournament fishing in awhile

😊 No Livewells- No more keeping your limit in a livewell all day       decreasing mortality rate dramatically

😊 No Boundaries- Because of catch, weigh, release, no limits we are not constrained to just the fall and spring for tournaments

😊 Exciting- Knowing the score the entire day,                    anticipating a run from you or one of your                    competitors is extremely exciting.  Your family can          also keep up with you during the day with the live          leaderboard.

😊 No Fizzing- Eliminates need to fizz a deep caught fish                  possible doing unnecessary damage.  Typical weigh and              release takes less than 1 minute not giving any time for the            air bladder to expand and allowing the fish to return to the            depth in which it was caught

😊 Competitive- Level playing field.  No one knows            where they are going until tournament day.  No            pre-fishing.  It is just you, the fish and the other              competitors.  It is up to you to catch them

😊 No Weigh-in Lines- No more waiting for a bag.  No more adding your 5 fish to 6" of water and waiting in line to put them on the scale, to put them back in a bag and carry them to the lake.  Statistically the weigh in procedures are what does the most damage to the overall health of your released fish.  

😊 Stressful- Knowing your competitors are on a run            and you're in the lead with a half hour to go